4/6/18 – Alex Csiszar

Metrics, Citation Analysis, and the History of Quantifying Scientific Output

Date: April 6, 2018

Time: 1:15pm – 2:15pm

Room: Luddy Hall Auditorium


This talk surveys the history of the relationship between search technologies and evaluation technologies in the sciences

1/26/18 – Geoffrey Bowker

How the West was Won by Data

Date: January 26, 2018

Time: 1:15pm – 2:15pm

Room: Luddy Auditorium


While we often think of data science and big data as being contemporary developments, there is a strong argument that we

10/13/17 – Neal Thomas

Date: October 13, 2017

Time: 1-2:30pm

Room: Wells 030

Neal Thomas, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, University of North Carolina

9/22/17 – Cliff Lampe

Date: September 22, 2017

Time: 2-3:00pm

Room: Wells 030

Cliff Lampe, Associate Professor of Information, School of Information, University of Michigan

9/1/17 – Oded Nov

Human-computer interaction for decision making and financial empowerment
Date: September 1, 2017
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM
Location: Wells, LI 030

Oded Nov, Associate Professor, Tandon School of Engineering, NYU

3/31/17 – Tarleton Gillespie

At Scale and under Pressure: How Social Media Moderate, Choreograph, and Censor Public Discourse

Date: March 31, 2017

Time: 2-3:00pm

Room: Wells 030

Tarleton Gillespie, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New England