RKCSI Fellows study a wide variety of topics related to Social Informatics. They examine social aspects of computerization, including the roles of information [and communication technologies] in social and organizational change, the design and uses of ICTs in social contexts, and the ways in which the social organization of ICTs is influenced by social forces and social and organizational practices.

The RKCSI is committed to supporting and facilitating high-quality collaborative research among its research fellows. Therefore the center will provide funding to support its fellows’ research, facilitate information sharing among its fellows and the larger academic community through scholarly and social gatherings, and help disseminate information about the range of scholarly publications and activities of its fellows.

Therefore, RKCSI Fellows:

  • Are eligible to apply for the competitive RKCSI Research Award.
  • Are expected to work collaboratively with other Center researchers, as well as on their own projects.
  • Are eligible to receive the center’s support and sponsorship in competitive internal and external grant applications.
  • Periodically will be asked to give public presentations of their research at the RKCSI Brown Bag and or Speaker Series.
  • Will have opportunities to meet with RKCSI Speakers as time and scheduling permit.
  • Will be informed about activities and other opportunities.

The RKCSI Research Award:
Fellows are eligible to apply for the competitive RKCSI Research Award. Winners will be awarded $3,000 to support their research in progress, and will be expected to present their work at the RKCSI Speaker Series. A call for application, with additional guidelines will be sent out during the spring semester.

Current Faculty Fellows