SIG SI Symposium in Copenhagen CFP

October 15, 2016
Enhancing Lives through Information and Technology – A Combined SIG-SI and SIG-USE Full-Day Workshop. Join us at ASIS&T in Copenhagen, Denmark for a full-day pre-conference workshop to explore the ways in which our uses of information and technologies improve our work and social lives. Two vital and dynamic SIGs are joining forces for a workshop that will provide two interesting and complementary perspectives in the conference theme. In the morning session, SIG-SI will bring a perspective that focuses on the social aspects of information and communication technologies (ICT) in work and play across all areas of ASIS&T. In the afternoon session, SIG-USE will focus on information related activities from different research perspectives and explores the significance of information seeking and use on our lives in the workplace. More information can be found at

Call for Papers and Posters for SIG SI and SIG USE

October 15, 2016
Submit a short paper (2000 words) or poster (500 words) by August 19, 2016. Acceptance announcements will be made by August 31, 2016 in time for conference early registration (ends Sept 2, 2016). This year’s conference theme is on creating knowledge, enhancing lives through information & technology. This is a particularly apposite theme for SIG-SI, because the social impacts of ICT and the complex relations among people, technologies, and the contexts of ICT design, implementation, and use have long been core concerns of social informatics. We are particularly interested in work that assumes a critical stance towards the Symposium’s theme, but are also soliciting research on other related social informatics topics. This year’s SIG USE symposium focuses on information issues at work. It acknowledges social, individual and technological perspectives on the roles and flows that information takes as part of physical and digital work. The broad approach relates to the conference theme with a focus on information behavior (IB) or on information practices (IP) in connection to workplaces. For the SIG-SI, please send your submission as a PDF file to: For the SIG-USE, please, send your submission as a PDF-file to: More information can be found at