Social Informatics Courses at IU

Department of Communication & Culture

  • CMCL 620        Media, Politics, and Power
  • CMCL 627        Networks, Systems and Flows

School of Education

  • EDUC P574*    Topical Seminar in Learning Science

Department of Geography

  • GEOG G549     Political Ecology

School of Informatics, Computing, & Engineering

  • ILS Z513         Organizational Informatics
  • ILS Z514         Social Aspects of Information Technology
  • ILS Z518         Communication in Electronic Environments
  • ILS Z541*       Information Policy
  • ILS Z542*       International Information Issues
  • ILS Z601*       Readings in Library & Information Science
  • ILS Z604*       Topics in Library & Information Science
  • ILS Z764*       Social Aspects of Information Technology
  • INFO I525        Informatics and Economics of Security
  • INFO I537        Legal and Social Informatics of Security
  • INFO I590*      Topics in Informatics
  • INFO I609        Advanced Seminar I in Informatics. Topic: Social Informatics
  • INFO I651        The Ethnography of Information
  • INFO I690*      Topics in Informatics
  • INFO I709        Advanced Seminar II in Informatics. Topic: Social Informatics

Kelley School of Business (KSB)

  • BUS S600        Foundations in Information Systems Research
  • BUS S601        Systems Analysis and Design Research
  • BUS S605        Collaborative Technologies Research
  • BUS S798*      Theory Building and Dissertation Proposal Writing

Department of Political Science

  • POLS Y669       International Political Economy

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

  • SPEA V671       Public Organization and Management I
  • SPEA V672       Public Organization and Management II

The Media School

  • TEL T551          Communication, Technology & Society
  • TEL T585          Interactivity & New Media
  • TEL T601          Origins of the Information Age
  • TEL T610          Networked society

* This course has not been pre-approved for Social Informatics Minor because its content changes. Students must contact the Director of the Social Informatics Minor program prior to taking it to have it approved.